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Membership Information

  1. Any duly and legally elected or appointed Constable of any county of the State of Arizona, may apply for membership by submitting an application, in writing to the Arizona Constables Association.
  2. Any Constable's office employee, Peace Officer, justice system employee, former Constable, former Constable's office employee, or those approved by the Board may apply in writing, to the Association for membership; subject to the same admission procedures governing regular members, to be admitted as an associate (non-voting) member.
  3. Membership, regular or associate shall be for a term of one year.
  4. The Board of Directors shall determine annual dues; regular or associate, and they shall become due and payable within thirty (30) days of the admission to membership.
  5. The Board of Directors, by majority vote of all the Board may suspend or expel a member with or without cause.
  6. Expelled or suspended members may be reinstated by a majority vote of all the Board of Directors, upon such terms, as the Board may deem appropriate.

Membership Forms

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